Controllo Chippatrici HCflex EHB ELECTRONICS

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HCflex offers a wide range of functions for the control of wood

chippers without CANbus (SAE J1939), for machines driven by motor or

power take-off.

Large transflective, backlit monochrome display 
The HCflex provides perfect readability even in poor light conditions.


rugged PA6 housing for installation in a 52mm standard bore. Reliable

mounting with clamp element bolted from the rear.
Quick installation and conversion. Dependable functioning even in harsh environments.

Pre-programming functionality for up to 20 different machine types 
Optimisation of access times in production and optimisation of storage.

Four security levels for different authorisations and automatic fault memory 
Access to relevant functions restricted to authorised personnel.
Reliable reproduction of faults occurred.

Also with CANbus (ehb5401-1)
Implementation of demanding control operations for mechanical and electronic motors.

Three different types of wood are accessible through function buttons
Easy operation to ensure optimum machine performance.

Safety without compromise
The motor is safely stopped when the chip disk is blocked, the hood is opened or the safety devices are activated.