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The MCflex unit offers a multitude of functions for the control and monitoring of conventional but also electronically-controlled diesel engines. You can individually configure the settings for very diverse applications and different engine variants.

Transflective, backlit B/W display with automatic contrast adjustment
MCflex ensures perfect legibility even under poor lighting conditions.

UV-resistant, rugged PA6 housing. Secure installation with retainer or screw-fastening, 3 x M6
Fast installation and retrofit. Dependable functioning even in harsh environments.

Communication via CAN bus with the network
Integration of conventional engines in existing CAN bus networks and applications.

Pin assignments of the outputs are freely parametrisable. Up to 5 high-current outputs.
Flexible utilisation of the MCflex functionalities, tailored to the customer application. Output parametrisation with the display menu or the convenient ehbTools software. No programming required.

Pre-heat, by-glow and after-glow function, time- or temperature-controlled
Reliable starting process, even at very low temperatures. Less environmental impact and smoke generation.

Total operating hours counter and resettable daily operating hours counter
Reliable information about engine running times and required servicing. Transparent summary of operating times.

Password-protected menu settings and automatic logging of the last 20 faults
Access to relevant functions restricted to authorised personnel. Reliable reproduction of faults occurred.

With or without ignition starter switch
An ignition starter switch starts the engine either per key or electronically, that is key-less. For the key-less version, entering a release code via a start button initiates the start.


  • Construction machineryConstruction machinery
  • Municipal utility vehiclesMunicipal utility vehicles
  • Special machinesSpecial machines
  • Diesel units for industrial applicationsDiesel units for industrial applications
  • Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines)Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines)