Joystick MS-A2 SMJ doppio asse NBB

– Small, handy, compact and robust
– Type of protection: IP65
– Exact switching steps
– Mounted on elastomer joint – available with ball joint if required
– Double seal – continues to be waterproof and dust-tight even if boot is damaged
(only elastomer joint)
– Ergonomic control knob – suitable for installation in restricted spaces
– Industrial joystick for machines, robots, orthopedic equipment, etc.

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NBB Controls + Components GmbH is considered one of the pioneers in the Industrial Radio Control System industry.

For the product and system safety of Radio Control systems continuous development of technical subtleties is key. These subtleties can make all the difference- especially for the stability in adverse conditions.

Innovations at NBB are tested by trial and error and accompanied by a wealth of experience. This means we can offer reliable system solution