SMD Wire Wound Chip Inductor – WL Series – VIKING

0402 / 0603 / 0805 / 1008 / 1206

Wire wound ceramic chip inductor, high frequency, RF inductor for high SRF, Excellent Q , superior temperarture tability. Stable inductance in hihg frequency circuit. High stable design for critical needs.

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  • Ceramic base provide high SRF.
  • Ultra-compact inductors provide high Q factors.
  • Low profile, high current are available.
  • Miniature SMD chip inductor for fully automated assembly.
  • Outstanding endurance from Pull-up force, mechanical shock and pressure.
  • Tighter tolerance down to ± 2%.
  • Smaller size of 0402 (1005).
  • AEC-Q200 Compliance (Standard Type except Size 1206).


RF Products:
-Cellular Phone (CDMA / GSM / PHS).
-Cordless Phone (DECT / CT1CT2).
-Remote Control, Security System.
-Wireless PDA.
-WLL, Wireless LAN / Mouse / Keyboard / Earphone.
-VCO, RF Module & Other Wireless Products.
-Base Station, Repeater.
-GPS Receiver.

Broad Band Applications:
-CATV Filter, Tuner.
-Cable Modem / XDSL Tuner.
-Set Top Box.

IT Applications:
-USB 2.0.
-IEEE 1394.

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